Froot delivers fruit to businesses. Not only do they pay attention to the quality of the products, but also to their presentation and service. Jan Willem Hoek, co-owner of Froot: ‘Just dropping off some apples and pears doesn’t make you a sympathetic, lively employer. Every employee must have easy access and it just has to look good; after all, looks are important too. Moreover, we go the extra mile when it comes to service. For example, a sick colleague receives a free get well package. And everything, of course, in the client’s corporate style. All that fruit has to be delivered on time. With Excel, this was no longer possible. Now that we work with RoutiGo, everything runs a lot smoother.’


Froot had to plan many stops along multiple routes. Google Maps and Excel this couldn’t cut it anymore.


A simple way to automatically plan optimal routes and stops.


From days of planning to just checking and done.


When Jan Willem and Jeroen Beekman started Froot in 2017, they planned the route themselves. Jan Willem: ‘That was fine at first. You get to work with Excel, Google Maps and a small online planning program and you have two or three routes planned in no time. But the more routes you get, the harder it gets. At some point you just lose track. Then suddenly you have two vans going to The Hague and three vans in Amsterdam. How efficient are these routes then? No idea. And that’s just the Randstad I’m talking about.’


‘Apart from the fact that the planning method was becoming increasingly inefficient, we could no longer really take the customer’s wishes into account. And that’s what it’s all about. That’s why we switched to RoutiGo’s planning software, in combination with track and trace in our vans. Customers wants their fruit as early as possible on Monday morning. We therefore start extremely early: before six o’clock, most of our vans are already on their way, ahead of traffic. By the time half the country is in a traffic jam toward Amsterdam, we have already delivered our crates. So when people come to the office, the fruit is – in most cases – already there. The last crate is delivered at three o’clock in the afternoon at the latest, so that our drivers can drive back to our location in Alphen aan den Rijn before the afternoon traffic.’


Do you want to plan optimal routes and stops like Froot does?