Of course, as a parcel service, you can establish your routes without the best route optimisation software. But with this software, you can easily calculate the optimal sequence of delivery, know what the shortest route is in no time and see at a glance where your drivers are. That is exactly what the route optimisation software of RoutiGo does. It calculates the most optimal stop sequence and the most efficient route. In addition, it shows where your drivers are in real-time.

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From separate stops to a smooth route with the best route optimisation software

Collect all your addresses and put them in RoutiGo’s route optimisation software. The route planner will tell you at lightning speed what the best route along those addresses is. Is your driver stationary – for whatever reason? Are there any unexpected new packages that need to be brought? No worries! The route optimisation software simply recalculates the optimal delivery sequence. The accompanying app ensures that your drivers also know what to do and makes their jobs easier.

Save time for your drivers, deliverers and couriers

The best route optimisation software from RoutiGo gives you permanent insight into your operational delivery process. The estimated delivery time – ETA – is clearly indicated. A clear dashboard continuously tells you where your load is and if your courier is still on time. Calculating your own routes? That’s a thing of the past. RoutiGo’s efficient software determines your optimal route. This way, your drivers will deliver more packages in a shorter time and you will see your turnover increase. The RoutiGo app, which creates the most optimal routes based on multiple addresses, works very simply. This app results in happy drivers with less stress

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Interested in the best route optimisation software for parcel services? Discover our RoutiGo app and see how it turns separate addresses into the most efficient route planning. You can request a free demo by completing the form on this page. Together, we can then look at where your planning can be improved. Experience for yourself how easy it is for a carrier, parcel service or delivery company to make more profit in a competitive market with low margins.

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