Of course, as a logistics business, you can still determine your route without a route planner for business transport. But is it really the optimal order? And is it the shortest route? And without route planning software, do you know exactly where all your delivery drivers are and what their routes are? With RoutiGo’s trip management system, you will have that insight! It calculates the best stop order, the most efficient route and shows you where all your drivers are. Your trip planning is flawless and done in a jiffy.

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Transfer all your stops into RoutiGo’s business route planner. In no time, you’ll know what the optimal route along those stops looks like. Does a courier fall ill or is there a breakdown on the way? Are there a couple last-minute packages that need to come along? Not to worry. RoutiGo’s business route planner knows what to do! Enter the new data and the route will be automatically adjusted for you. And your couriers? Thanks to the accompanying route planner app, they also know exactly what is expected of them.

No training, but immediate time savings for your couriers, deliveries and transporters

With RoutiGo’s trip management system, you have constant insight into your operational delivery process. The ETA is clearly indicated, so you know what the estimated delivery time is. Via the dashboard, you will always know where your shipment is and whether your driver is still on schedule. Do you want to spend evenings researching the quickest route to several addresses? Of course you don’t. Thanks to RoutiGo’s efficient business route planner, your couriers will deliver more packages in less time and your turnover will increase. No training is needed if you want to start using our business route planner. The RoutiGo app, which creates a route or junction route from several addresses, works very intuitively. It’s the easiest thing in the world. For you and your couriers.

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Want to know more about our business route planner for couriers? Planning a route along multiple addresses is child’s play with the RoutiGo app and we’re happy to show you. You can request your free demo route planner using the form on this page, of course without any obligation. Together we will look at how we can improve your trip planning. Want to make more profit in a competitive market as a courier, deliverer or haulier? Experience for yourself how easy it is.

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