Everything you need for efficient and customer-friendly delivery. Get started with RoutiGo now and see for yourself how simple it is.


Easy route planning and a driver app on the go

40 euros / month /  vehicle

What’s included:

  • RoutiGo dashboard
  • App for the driver
  • Create your own routes
  • Automatically determine stop order
  • Independent onboarding
  • Chat support


Real-time insight into operations and personal handling

from 55 euros / month / vehicle

What’s included:

All the features of the Basic Edition

  • Automatic route planning
  • Follow live vehicles yourself
  • Your own handling workflow
  • Possibility of expansion with add-ons
  • API access
  • Up to 4 hours of training
  • Support via phone/chat

Select your add-ons


Operation with multiple hubs and special requirements

Custom Pricing

What’s included:

All the features of the Pro Edition

  • Multiple locations (hubs)
  • Up to 16 hours of training


Possibility to expand with:

  • Premium support SLA
  • Custom reports
  • Custom integration

Select your add-ons

Vehicle = maximum number of routes on any given day in the month


from Pro edition

Keep customers informed

Engage your customers by communicating reliable time windows and keeping them informed in real time with ETA notification and live track & trace.

10 euro / month / vehicle

Advanced planning

The magic way to automatically plan your routes per day based on advanced parameters and templates.

20 euro / month / vehicle

Address Intelligence

Automatically determine the time per stop and/or improve the quality of address data based on history and prediction algorithms.

Price on request

Scan in route

With this scanning module, you can be sure that the right orders go with the right vehicle... and are loaded in stop order.

Price on request