Plan your routes efficiently: plan ahead for the traffic jam and know whether that extra van is convenient.

Plan routes efficiently? That was exactly what Froot was looking for. Froot delivers fruit to businesses. Not only do they pay attention to the quality of the products, but also to their presentation and service. Jan Willem Hoek, co-owner of Froot: ‘Just dropping off some apples and pears doesn’t make you a sympathetic, lively employer. Every employee must have easy access and it just has to look good; after all, looks are important too. Moreover, we go the extra mile when it comes to service. For example, a sick colleague receives a free get well package. And everything, of course, in the client’s corporate style. All that fruit has to be delivered on time. With Excel, this was no longer possible. Now that we work with RoutiGo, everything runs a lot smoother.’

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With fresh groceries, the time of delivery is extremely mega important.

Daniel Hensens – Crisp

Daniel Hensens is responsible for Operations at online supermarket Crisp. At start-up Crisp, quality is key, which starts with the products and is reflected in everything. The time of delivery is simply mega important: you want to know what time your dinner will be delivered. As a rule, companies either have good planning software or they are much more focused on the customer experience. With RoutiGo, we now have both.

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Daniel Hensens - COO Crisp

Plan efficiently and keep customers informed at all times.

Jasper van der Linden– AVH Outdoor

AVH Outdoor sells garden furniture – from ottomans to lounge sets – throughout the country. Until two years ago, the company was run by six men and women, today there are no less than forty employees. ‘We’ve made a lot of progress’, says Jasper van der Linden, online marketing manager. ‘This has resulted in considerable growth, which is reflected not only in the number of employees but also in the number of vans we have on the road.’

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Delivery is part of the experience

Richard Nederlof – De Lokalist

Richard Nederlof is the owner of De Lokalist, a rapidly growing start-up. Through De Lokalist, people can have specialties from local suppliers delivered to their homes online. Many products must be delivered fresh. This requires efficient planning and good communication with customers. This is possible with RoutiGo’s software. ‘Customers literally look forward to our deliverers’, says Richard.

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