Planning routes along multiple addresses

You are a – starting – company with ambitious growth objectives and a personal approach. You’re well on your way because your customer base is growing rapidly. Where you first served your customers with two to three vans, now you have grown into a serious company with more vehicles. But to get from order to delivery is quite a task. You plan routes along multiple addresses in Excel and as you grow, you lose track of all the Excel tabs and the planning of your routes takes up more and more of your time. That has to change. After all, you want to be able to focus on growing your business. What now? With RoutiGo’s route planning software, you can easily plan the optimal route along multiple addresses.

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How does planning and driving work with RoutiGo?

You enter your multiple addresses in the RoutiGo route planner and the optimal route is calculated for you. Without hours of toil and without mistakes. You release the route with a push of a button so that it becomes visible on the corresponding app for the driver. The app then navigates the driver along the optimal route from address to address. On the included dashboard you can see in real time where each driver is on his route, what time he will arrive at the next address (ETA) and, because you can scan with the app, you can also see immediately what the status of each delivery is. With RoutiGo, everything goes faster, easier and with less effort. You can get started the same day without any training or manual. Good for your planners and drivers. Whether you have five drivers or fifty, with RoutiGo, you save time and money.

Time windows of up to 1 hour are directly achievable

Do you want to inform your recipients of when they will receive their delivery? You can. Time windows of up to 1 hour are directly achievable. The recipient sees immediately what time his or her package will be delivered. Moreover, these time windows are dynamic so that the receiver sees an increasingly smaller time window as time passes. So the recipient knows when you are at the door and doesn’t have to wait hours for you for nothing. This means your drivers are much less likely to be met with a closed door and do not have to offer a delivery several times. That saves miles, time and money!

Always flexible in adapting routes

Do you have a sudden emergency delivery while your routes are already set up, or has a recipient indicated that they are not present? With a few simple actions, you can add or remove a pickup point or an additional address. RoutiGo automatically adjusts the route.

Start planning routes along multiple addresses

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