Our story

It is five to twelve. In the delivery industry, smart startups are shooting up like mushrooms. This while many organizations still deliver traditionally. Without optimal routes and poor communication with customers. Now it’s time for action. Time to shake up the market. We look forward. Respond to market trends by making use of innovations. We think and act fast with our team of experts. Both personal and pragmatic. We do everything to bring your delivery operation one step ahead.

Who we are

Melle Sprenger


Melle likes to keep it simple. He makes complex solutions simple. He strives for a software product accessible to everyone. With the “simple” from the KISS principle first. Whether Melle is so ordinary in daily life? Not really. The former ski instructor lives on a ship from 1907. He completely automated this special home with various home automation systems. In addition, Melle was the owner of one of the first electric cars in Amsterdam. In his spare time he likes to play a game of soccer. He shares this passion, now also as a coach, with his two children.

Patrick Okkersen


Patrick likes change. He would love to take you into the possibilities of Today and Tomorrow. This enthusiastic entrepreneur goes for IT solutions that really matter. Within RoutiGo he is responsible for the in and outs of the organization. Outside of that you often find him with his family and friends. This social animal gets energy from a wonderful curve on its snowboard or a summer dip in the lakes of Vinkeveen.

Erik van Seters

Software Development

From day one, Erik is part of RoutiGo. This early bird likes to start its days at 06.15. Then he dedicates himself in peace to the core of the product and the mobile app. He is always looking for the latest developments in the field of technology. Where does Erik get his energy from? From the fact that the product he works on supports thousands of people in their daily work. When you meet Erik privately? Then this father of two is always in for a nice (special) beer or a good movie.

Bryan de Ronde

Software Development

Bryan is our delivery expert. As a former delivery guy, he drove efficiently throughout the country with RoutiGo. Bryan wanted to know more about this product, so he asked for an internship. At RoutiGo he learns programming and the challenges of delivery businesses. Ultimately, he hopes to be able to contribute to RoutiGo itself. In addition to his internship you will find Bryan on the baseball field, his mountain bike or the slopes in the snow. Nice and sporty and always happy with friends.

Heike van der Woerd

Developing your business

Heike is our business developer. Building business is what he prefers to do. At RoutiGo, that means listening to colleagues and customers, in order to find synergy. He is happy to help clients take an extra step within their company. In his spare time you will find Heike (ordinary) in Amstelveen with his two daughters. And (less ordinary) as a mountain bike guide in Morocco and Italy or as a competition rider in the Netherlands. You might notice that Heike has plenty of energy.

Edwin van der Beek

User Experience & User Interface Design

Edwin is a designer at heart. As the inventor of the RoutiGo character, Edwin oversees his continued existence. He investigates the user-friendliness of RoutiGo and ensures the right appearance. It is his mission to make RoutiGo as beautiful and user-friendly as possible. Creativity does not let him go in private either. Edwin likes to make digital artwork and photography in his spare time. And for the rest, you can find it on the skis or on its longboard for that real bit of relaxation.

Sasha Shynkariuk

Software Development

Sasha is happy to offer you a helping hand. He is committed to a software solution that is as efficient as possible. Sasha fills his working day with improving the core and dashboard of RoutiGo. The evening and its weekends with indoor soccer. Not just anywhere, but in a mega-good team full of international players! Do you want to challenge him?