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Does your courier still drive around for whole days without knowing whether people are at home? That doesn’t fly these days! What if we give the receiver influence. Let him decide for himself when he will receive his package. With focus on communication and route optimization. Does that not help the entire industry?


How often does your delivery guy face a closed door? Is that still necessary? Do you still deliver traditionally? Without optimal routes and communication with the customer. Then now it’s time for action. Time to communicate outside in. What do customers want? And how do you maintain control over optimal routes and stops? RoutiGo makes sure that you will never drive to closed doors again. The RoutiGo routeplanning platform organizes routes and communicates with the customer. The customer shares his availability. And does something change along the way? Then the platform sends a message. Efficient and so social.

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You know how challenging the delivery process can be. The market is moving extremely fast and you are facing changes every day. So let’s think one step ahead.. together. About the very latest innovations and your process. Not only to make your operation more efficient and cheaper, but also to take your entire delivery one step further. We do not do this with long lasting implementation projects. We will be happy to get you started immediately. Let’s roll up your sleeves for quick results. Think of it as a test drive where we determine where we are going together.

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